A1008251 (BACC) So afer 3 years, Ecko’s owner decided they have no more time fo…

By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs

A1008251 (BACC) So afer 3 years, Ecko’s owner decided they have no more time for him. Poor Ecko has no idea why they brought him to sit in a cage 24×7 at Brooklyn AcC. He has no idea of why they never came back for him. He has no idea what he could have done that was so bad. Truth be told, nobody else can figure it out either. We’re told he lived with adults, that he was friendly with kids, that he lived with cats. But it sounds like Ecko spent most of his time around the house or yard and so, moving into a shelter environment is particularly stressful for a dog who has had little experience with strangers and other dogs and the noise and confusion of a shelter. Predictably, Ecko had some problems understanding how he was supposed to behave. He got really scared when they came to take him out of his cage and didn’t like being handled. But loolk careful—he did absolutely fine on all the resource guarding items and on the all important dog on dog item. So after all of 4 days, ACC has decided nobody would ever want a scared, confused dog and they’ve also decided he can only go to a New Hope rescue. Tonight, Ecko needs a dog savvy person who understands what he’s trying to tell everybody—he’s scared, he’s confused, he has to protect himself. If you think you’re the one to help Ecko recover from this ordeal, start working with rescues to foster or adopt Ecko. But do it right now. At noon tomorrow, ACC won’t put another thought into making young Ecko gone forever.

Brooklyn Center

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