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By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs


The reasons for Chance’s sitting in a cage at Brooklyn ACC are a bit confusing—we’re told his owner is too sick to care for him any longer and that he was brought in by a friend who had him for only 3 weeks. That friend, it seems, has a landlord who won’t allow pets. So it seems that everyone who ever mattered to Chance has gone and now ACC has decided that since none of them came for him, nobody else would—they’ve put this scared, sweet boy on tomorrow’s euthanasia list. And because he was scared and growled at that plastic hand that tried to take his food, they’ve made him New Hope only. Medically, Chance was found in decent health when he got there less than a week ago and remarkably, he has not caught the “shelter cold”. Tonight, Chance needs to find that one person who understands what an awful experience this has been for him. He’s been an only dog cared for by his human, and we learn that he’s leash trained, housebroken, likes long walks with a bit of jogging, loves to play fetch with a ball—a real bff to his human whose heart is now broken. If you think that you know what Chance is going through and can help him mend that heart, start working with rescues to foster or adopt Chance. But remember—ACC gave up on Chance a mere 4 days after he got there—at noon tomorrow, they won’t hesitate to make him gone forever.

TO BE DESTROYED – 11/01/14
Brooklyn Center

My name is CHANCE. My Animal ID # is A1018796.
I am a male chocolate and white labrador retr mix. The shelter thinks I am about 7 YEARS old.

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