Yep..It's Halloween. The ghosts..the goblins..the witches… But you wanna know…

By Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Yep..It’s Halloween. The ghosts..the goblins..the witches…
But you wanna know what’s even scarier than all that?!? How about being pregnant and knowing that your life and the life of your unborn babies is just about to end. Now that is true fear.

Hi there. My name is Girlie. I am a flat-coated retriever and I am pregnant.

I didn’t mean to get pregnant but I hear that’s what happens when owners do not spay and neuter their pets. Turns out my owner is not a big fan of puppies because once he found out I was expecting, he surrendered me to the shelter. Now that’s a real house of horrors, not just on Halloween but 24/7.

But wait…it gets worse.

My owner did not just abandon me. He abandoned my sister too. Her name is Maggie May. Not only is she my sister, she is my best friend. She is scared too so we comfort each other by lying close together and keeping each other warm. To make matters even worse, our hearts are not only heavy with loneliness but heavy with heartworms as well. You see, our owner did not give us heartworm preventatives so now we have lost our chance at even being adopted. I mean really, who wants to adopt a pregnant dog who is sick with heartworms.

Well, that’s my Halloween story…

I don’t really like Halloween. I don’t like being scared and I have yet to see a treat.

Fortunately, there is a rescue group called Angels Among Us Pet Rescue and they said Halloween does not have to be scary. They exist to help save the lives of dogs like me and Maggie May.

AAUPR needs your support in the way of donations for both …read more

Source: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue


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