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By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs


Don’t let his ‘hard’ name fool you, beautiful Brutus is a soft, affectionate and well-mannered delight who enjoys making new doggie friends and couldn’t be more appreciative of human love and attention. The little foot-to-foot dance he performs when I rub his butt is off-the-charts adorable! It’s raining outside but that isn’t going to stop us and once he’s let me dress him in a coat we eagerly head for the street where he proves a strong but responsive walker, seemingly very house trained, coming when called and sitting politely to softly snarfle treats from my hand. During his behavior evaluation Brutus was lively yet friendly and play bowed to both the ‘helper dog’ AND the assessor and though he really wanted to play with a toy, when his new friend reached out to grab it he relinquished his prize with no complaints. Surrendered by his former family because they couldn’t keep up with Brutus’ active lifestyle, we’re told he lived in harmony with a Miniature Pinscher and an older child and knows ‘lie down’ as well as the ‘sit’ he showed me. While he has lived with cats, Brutus’ penchant for chasing them means a feline-free home would be best for our bonnie boy but when it comes to human and canine family members his motto remains ‘the more, the merrier!’ No matter what the weather outside, Brutus and his open-hearted ways are like sunshine for the soul. I’ve fallen hard for this wonderful guy and to my eyes he truly has it all; looks, personality and so much love to give to his lucky adopters, plus he’s already neutered and ready to roll out the front door right now. Brighten your day, your year and your life by welcoming Brutus home with …read more

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