Tonight's list is posted. There are 14 dogs in danger. Please start sharing NOW!…

By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs

Tonight’s list is posted. There are 14 dogs in danger. Please start sharing NOW!!! The shelter closes at 8pm. Go to the ACC website (

**ATTENTION** New Hours for NYC AC&C “AT RISK” (TO BE DESTROYED) ListStarting 7/24/13, the NYC AC&C has changed the hours that the “To Be Destroyed” animals will be available for rescue/adoption. The list will be released at 6PM (not 5PM,) but you will have access to their website (to “reserve”) until 12PM (NOON) the following day. Hopefully, the extra hours will give us an opportunity to save more lives. The shelter closes at 8PM but reopens at 8AM. You will be able to reserve animals on the PUBLIC site until 12 NOON. If the animal is rescue only, a rescue will be able to pull, up until 12 NOON. Please make note of the new hours and check back at 6PM for the list. Thanks!******************************************************************Adopting a Dog From The “To Be Destroyed” Album: If you decide to adopt a dog that is on the “To Be Destroyed” list, you must act fast. Any dog on the list, can be destroyed the following day at 12 PM (NOON.) We try to post the list every night by 6PM. The shelter closes at 8pm.Go to the ACC website ( ASAP to adopt a PUBLIC LIST dog (noted with a “P” on their profile) and/or work with a rescue group if you can adopt/foster ANY of our dogs on the list tonight.Further instructions, and a list of rescues can be found here: adoption Fees are as follows:Dogs and Puppies:Up to 6 months: $150.007 months to 6 years: $75.007 years and over: $50.00***RATINGS***GREEN animals are those animals who were relaxed, easy …read more

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