By Friends of Arlington (TX) Animal Services (FAAS)

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This little guy is named Creamer 🙂 He is 4 mos. old and has been neutered,rabies vac,and FIV testing done.He had a kitty cold but is all better now 🙂 He is ready to have a furever home!!! I really want someone to open their hearts to him.Message me for details or questions. Everyone that has been taged Please!! spread the word,Thanks! @[663335191:2048:Marnie Simmons] @[100003184653038:2048:Seth Southerland] @[1780809167:2048:Susan Johnson] @[100000464434771:2048:Gaylon Johnson] @[1677433807:2048:Martha Rohrke Jeffery] @[573906716:2048:Harley Quinn-Baker] @[1348794648:2048:Kelly Sweezy Magee] @[617151055:2048:Lisa Chakery] @[100006779531075:2048:Tacoma N Gina Vo’a] @[1085629075:2048:Dayna Webb Smith] @[1660249387:2048:Andra Webb Burk] @[1359061653:2048:Debbie Nichols Andrews] — with Debbie Stone and 19 others. …read more

Source: Friends of Arlington (TX) Animal Services (FAAS)


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