Album is up to date for the evening. Please share!

By Friends of Arizona's Shelter Animals

Album is up to date for the evening. Please share!

MCACC WEST E-LIST ANIMALS at risk for 5 am 02/01/15 – PHOENIX, AZ

All of the animals in this album are at risk to be on the euthanasia list for the next day at 5am. Please comment directly on the pic of any animal that you have questions about. Please keep the comment to those that will help the animals. The animals in this album are located at MCACC West Valley Animal Care Center (602-506-2765)2500 S. 27th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009 (27th Ave/Lower Buckeye)Hours open: 11AM-6PM Monday-Friday11AM-5PM Saturday & SundayThe admins of this page are not affiliated with the shelter. = MaleF = FemaleN = NeuteredS = SpayedTEM-HUM = human aggressiveTEM-ANI= animal aggressiveTEM-RES = resource guardingTEM-DET = deteriorationDIS-DST = suspected distemperDIS-FEL = suspected feline leukemiaDIS-MAN = mangeDIS-URI = disease upper respiratory infectionDIS-MED = disease medicalDIS-TUM = tumor DIS-SEZ = seizures BEH-FEA = behavior fearBEH-OTH = behavior otherBEH-HOU = behavior house soilsEUT-UWL = under weight limit (must be 2lbs to spay/neuter)EUT-AS = suckling animalINJ-FIG = injury fightINJ-TRE = treatable injuryBAR = Bright Alert Responsive …read more

Source: Friends of Arizona


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