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By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs


Gia is a beautiful lady who has been a mama and finds herself very out of her element. I was immediately enamored with her. She has the most adorable, expressive face and was so, so scared. She averted her eyes when I knelt in front of her cage and would take the treats I left at the front only when no one was looking. For two days, if we were looking, it was at a dog quietly curled up in the corner. A staff member managed to take her out and it seems that walk was enough to push her out of her corner and to the front of her cage. She became easy to take in and out and after a couple of walks she was not only at the front her cage, but softly wagging her tail when approached. Until then, our walks had been sort of business-like in nature – a chance for her to relieve herself (she seems housebroken) and see that the outside world was still there. I had pet her only briefly on the back to see how she would respond (she didn’t – aversely or otherwise), but now she was making soft eye contact and softly wagging her tail when I spoke to her. A few rubs under her chin seemed to open the floodgates for Gia’s affection. She propped her paws on me and nuzzled her head under my arm. She is always giving hugs, will climb in my lap, and even gently lick my face. She is a dream on the leash and seems interested and friendly when checking out her neighbors. She didn’t seem to mind the recent snowfall and was very cooperative when it was time to clean salt from her paws. She …read more

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