Friday is a young pit mix who needs our help tonight. Please share and advocate…

By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs

Friday is a young pit mix who needs our help tonight. Please share and advocate for Friday before it is to late….
A volunteer writes: According to the old nursery rhyme, ‘Friday’s child is loving and giving’ and our Friday is certainly into the loving part, eager to make new friends of both the two- and four-legged variety and a big fan of hugs, petting, playtime and anything else that involves messing about with his pals. He may officially be all grown-up but this adorable munchkin looks and acts just like a little puppy, always wanting to be in on the action and if there isn’t enough action, making his own fun with whatever ‘toys’ he can find…his coat, the leash, even my jacket! Friday’s heart is in the right place and while he’ll need some guidance in appropriate play behavior, his eager-to-please, food motivated nature should make training him a fun project the whole family can enjoy. He seems cool with people touching his toys or food and guarding appears to be a non-issue, though naturally he likes to keep his various ‘chewies’ close at paw because you never know when the mood to munch might strike! Strutting confidently on leash (which yes, he prefers to hold himself, thank you), Friday meets other dogs with friendly manners, seems to be very house trained and will sit on command for treats, licking even the tiniest tidbits gently from my hand. I’m not Friday’s only fan and it made me smile to see a burly male staffer laughing with delight as he roughhoused and snuggled with his new bulldoggy buddy in the yard. Guaranteed to bring out your inner child, Friday is hoping a dog-savvy family (older kids only please!) will help bring out his best self in return. He has …read more

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