The owner of 2 year old Victor and his 4 year old housemate, Queen, is moving so…

By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs

The owner of 2 year old Victor and his 4 year old housemate, Queen, is moving someplace neither can go and now both are sitting in separate cages at Brooklyn ACC wondering where their people, their home, and even each other went. In a perfect world, Victor and Queen could move on together to help each other through a transition to a new life. But ACC has put Victor on tomorrow’s euthanasia list so tonight, he has to be the priority. Though both dogs were a bit thin (particularly Queen) when they got there, ACC staff noted that they were both “very sweet” and showing “no sign of aggression” during their intake. Victor’s got some big hurdles to get over—he’s a black lab/pit mix and black dogs are so very often simply overlooked. He likely needs to start eating some decent food to get that beautiful coat of his shining. But Victor’s got so many things going for him==he’s young and sweet and absolutely gorgeous. He’s ready to give his new humans years of loyalty and years of being a beloved member of a household. If you’re ready for a sweet young dog who is over that baby puppy stage but still learn enough to be excited at learning new things, then start working on fostering or adopting Victor. But it has to be tonight—at noon tomorrow, ACC will assume nobody will ever want him and they’ll make Victor gone forever.

TO BE DESTROYED – 02/01/15
Brooklyn Center -P

My name is VICTOR. My Animal ID # is A1025978.
I am a male black and white am pit bull ter and labrador retr mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 YEARS

I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR on 01/21/2015 from NY 11221, …read more

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