***Delicious Biscuit is available for adoption via the NYC ACC website!*** A vol…

By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs

***Delicious Biscuit is available for adoption via the NYC ACC website!***
A volunteer writes: What could be better than a warm, buttery biscuit on a cold winter’s day? How about a warm, buttery, big-eared and big-hearted puppy named Biscuit instead? I know which one I’d be reaching for. She’s right here at our Manhattan Care Center–the most delicious little girl ever! No one is easier to handle or easier to love than Biscuit. She comes with glowing reviews from her former owners. Their favorite things about her are that she’s playful and great with kids and we’re told she even tailors her energy levels to fit the age of her companions; sitting quietly next to babies and running around with older children. She’s described as ‘respectful’, ‘gentle’ and ‘relaxed’ and not only does she get along well with other dogs, she’s friendly toward cats too! Biscuit knows commands for ‘sit’ and ‘come’ (both demonstrated nicely for me) as well as ‘wait’ and ‘shake paw’. She certainly seems to be one of the most well house trained pups I’ve ever met, taking care of ALL her business tout suite once we’re outside. Other dogs are met with perked ears and a happy tail and she’s a great leash walker, always very calm and responsive. I know it sounds like Biscuit is too good to be true but other than an eagerness for gulping her food, there really is no hidden catch here. She’s simply an amazing pet that any dog-savvy family would be proud to call their own. Welcome this tiny treasure into your heart and home today and you could be enjoying a sweet Biscuit treat every single day of the year!

TO BE DESTROYED – 03/01/15
Manhattan Center -P

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