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By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs


Jay Jay is with us as his owners lost their home. He seems to have been well cared for. He wears a well-groomed silky coat, has a good weight, and appears quite healthy. His eyes are still clear and amber in color. This middle-aged gentleman is quite uncomfortable here at the care center as he does not understand this sudden and strange turn in his life. Jay Jay is calm in his kennel and lets me leash him without fuss. He pulls a little on the leash. He is wary, tense, and alert to any changes around him. He relieves himself right away as we enter the yard. He sits on command and takes my treats politely. After some time spent together, as Jay Jay has settled next to me, he lets me pet him all over, althouh never really bonding with me. I did not expect that much from a first encounter with an older dog, a Shepie, who was a family dog and now, living in a kennel. He grumbles a little at some dogs being too pushy. I doubt very much that Jay Jay is being his own self in our hands. JayJay is waiting here at the Manhattan Care Center for his fate to be decided. I hope that soon enough JayJay’s lucky star will shine and bring warmth to his heart.

TO BE DESTROYED – 03/01/15
Manhattan Center

My name is JAY JAY. My Animal ID # is A1028340.
I am a male black and gray germ shepherd mix. The shelter thinks I am about 6 YEARS old.

I came in the shelter as a STRAY on 02/19/2015 from NY 10032, owner surrender reason stated was OWN EVICT.

02/20/2015 …read more

Source: Urgent Death Row Dogs NYC


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