Since she was 6 weeks old, 2 year old Lilly has lived in harmony with her family…

By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs

Since she was 6 weeks old, 2 year old Lilly has lived in harmony with her family that include 4 children ranging from newborn to 16 years old. Her best doggie friend was the neighbor’s GSD with whom she played in the yard every night. Crate trained housebroken, she’ll let you know when she has to go out but if no one can get there quickly enough, she’ll jump in the bathtub to go. She hates to have her nails trimmed but is fine with getting a bath, and was never bothered if the kids touched her food bowl or her toys. Lilly’s been on grain freed food in an attempt to resolve the skin issues that have plagued her for the last year. Though the family has repeatedly taken her to a low cost vet and gotten meds for her, the skin problems come back and the family can no longer afford her care (They brought in her medical records with her). So, Lilly sure sounds like a winner! Friendly, active, full of life—all she needs is to be seen by a really good vet to get a good diagnosis of what those skin issues are about and a home in which to continue her life. But ACC has other plans for Lilly-they’ve put her on tomorrow’s euthanasia list. Lilly needs to find that one person out there who sees what a great dog she is and who can open their home and their heart to her. If you’re that person, start working on fostering or adopting her. But it has to be now—at noon tomorrow, ACC won’t hesitate to make Lilly gone forever.

TO BE DESTROYED – 03/01/15
Brooklyn Center -P

My name is LILLY. My Animal ID # is A1028433.
I am …read more

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