GOLIATH – A1028108 – Manhattan – Publicly Adoptable TO BE DESTROYED 06/22/15 A…

By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs

GOLIATH – A1028108 – Manhattan – Publicly Adoptable
A volunteer writes: Goliath… I would have rather called him Twix for his well groomed caramel and chocolate coat. Goliath , who is no giant but a medium size elegant youngster is quite good looking. He is a bit tense, lost and unfocused, overwhelmed most likely by his abandonment , his new surroundings, his confinement and the many dogs around him. He is quite ravenous for treats but his greed can be curbed by a sharp off and sit. He is quite obedient. Goliath feels undoubtably better in the street and trots like a little horse, proudly , carefree and happily. He is curious of other dogs met but not in an aggressive way. He does not mind to be pictured and back in the care center, sheltered from the cold weather in the garage, he comes on my lap for hugs and kisses. Goliath is a ten month old boy found as a stray, well cared for until now, petite, well made, a bit lost but friendly. A new owner or family will give this beautiful pup back his livelihood . Come and meet him at the Manhattan Care Center, walk him, play with him, discover him and take him home as your forever best friend. Another volunteer writes: I hadn’t met Goliath when he was with us previously, so the good news/bad news is that I have a chance to meet him now. Compact and handsome in his uniquely colored coat, he was happy to join me for a walk. Going potty as soon as we were out the door confirms that he’s housetrained as his former owner states. We’re also told that he lived with 1 adult and two children ages 1-1/2 and 13 …read more

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