MAYA – A1036718 – Manhattan – Rescue Only TO BE DESTROYED 06/22/15 A volunteer…

By Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs

MAYA – A1036718 – Manhattan – Rescue Only
A volunteer writes: Maya is a prettty young girl who seems to have been well cared for by her former owner. She looks healthy, very well nourished and dressed in a lovely fawn coat. Her eyes are intense, focused..She knows what she, treats and a ball game. She is really good, jumping quite high for roast beef that she takes rather gently from my hand after sitting upon request… She is all excited seeing the tennis ball. Her eyes are sparkling. She leaps for it and never ever fails to catch it…Yes, Maya loves to play but she never guards even her most precious possessions, a rawhide, a toy or a ball…..She is quite a smart girl. She pulls a little on the leash in her excitement to be out of her kennel and meet the world. She does not seem to mind two large dogs roaming in a pen. She even goes and says hello…She has an eye for the pigeons, though. Maya is a sociable dog who comes when called and sits on the bench for bonding. She enjoys caresses and kisses and licks my hand, may be as a thank you for being together…She is with us after a incident involving biting a little dog. Maya should probably be adopted out to a single dog home or one with a large dog she can make friends with. Maya is at the Manhattan Care Center and waiting for her time to shine in your loving and experienced hands.

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